welcome“Blueseeds Cup – WBSC International Women’s Baseball Tournament" (May 23rd to 25th, 2019) are co-host by “Blue Seeds Social Enterprise" and “Taiwan Women’s Baseball Advocate Associate". It is the first international women’s baseball tournament held in Taiwan by social enterprise. We look forward to this combination of creative public welfare event by the social enterprise and women’s power which creates a new vision of Taiwanese women’s baseball.

This tournament invites teams from Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia to Taiwan. They will compete with two Taiwan joint teams. In addition, it expects more people to recognize the existence of women’s baseball by the big women’s baseball international tournament. It also breaks the hedges and tradition of gender in baseball. Not only does it advocate the concept of “national baseball" but it expects all of foreign players and friends to experience the unique strong warmness in Taiwan. Let the world see Taiwan women’s power and enthusiasm!

The title sponsor of the tournament is “Blueseeds" social enterprise. They always “persist” the natural farming of the most caring method for the land. And produce pure natural and zero artificial chemical additives for shower and essential oil products. “Taiwan Women’s Baseball Advocate Associate" which compose of a group of female baseball players. They have been “persisting" to devote to promote Taiwan women’s baseball by limited resources for many years. Therefore, “persistence" is representative spirit of this tournament that we expect to combine women’s empowerment, gender equality, environmental protection and public welfare by two persistence strengths. It starts a good cycle of the cultivation of women’s baseball and become the positive social influence!

Sincerely welcome you to join this event!

由「芙彤園社會企業」及「台灣女子棒球運動推廣協會」共同發起籌辦首屆【WBSC 芙彤盃國際女子棒球邀請賽】(2019.5.23-5.25),是台灣首次結合社會企業舉辦之國際女子棒球交流賽,期待以社會企業與女力的結合的公益創新手法,開創台灣女子棒球運動新視野。





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3. 5/23-5/24 芙彤盃賽事歡迎民眾自由入場觀賽


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