Game Rules 競賽規則

2019 Blueseeds Cup International Women’s Baseball Tournament

Rules and Regulations

  1. Scope
    The Tournament Committee is the ultimate authority for the Rules and Regulations concerning all games conducted in tournament under the auspices of TWBAA.
  2. Game Rules
    1. All games shall be played in accordance with the current Official Rules of Baseball.
    2. A regulation game shall consist of 7 innings, with time limitations and mercy rule. Three (3) completed innings shall constitute a regulation game. Tie game is allowed in the first round only. Due to the tight game schedule, No Game may start a new inning after playing time of 2h 20m, excluding the Final Round. Regulation game for the Final Round shall consist of 7 innings and there will be no time limitation.
    3. Mercy rule
      If a team is losing by 10 or more runs after having batted at least in 4 innings, the game is ended at that point.
      If a team is losing by 7 or more runs after having batted at least in 5 innings, the game is ended at that point.
    4. Suspended Games
      In case a game is stopped because of weather, curfew or other reason, the Tournament Committee has the absolute authority to make the decision on whether it shall be ruled a complete game or not.
    5. Bat Requirement
      A bat must be a baseball bat which meets the following specifications. Use of “non-wooden” baseball bat is allowed. The entire bat must be round with a constant radius at any point and the finish of the hitting area must be smooth. There must be a direct line from the center of the knob to the center of the large end. The knob and end plug (if applicable) must be firmly attached. The maximum length is 36 inches (91.4cm) and the maximum diameter is 2 3/4 inches (6.99cm). It is mandatory that all bats must have an identification mark 18 inches (45.7cm) from the end of the handle.
    6. Protective Equipment
      Double ear-flap helmet is mandatory for the hitter, base-runners and it is also mandatory that base coaches wear the skull caps.
  3. Pre-Game Practice and Warm-Up During Game
    1. In view of the tight game schedule, fielding practice before start of the game is not guaranteed.
    2. Pre-game practice is allowed for both teams only at bullpen area 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game.
  4. Dugout and On-Deck Batter
    1. At all the games the home team will be located at 3rd base dugout and the visiting team in the 1st base dugout.
    2. Only credentialed personnel (staff, interpreters, team manager, uniformed players, uniformed coaches) will be allowed to stay in the dugout.
      報名表內的人員(球員, 翻譯, 領隊, 球員, 教練)方能進入休息區。
    3. All equipment not in use must be kept inside the dugout during games. No equipment shall be left lying on the field, either in fair or foul territory.
    4. Only one batter is allowed in the on-deck area at a time. Batter in the on-deck area must wear a helmet at all times.
  5. Speed-up Rules 
    1. The need to speed up the play of games must be constantly stressed to the umpires and coaches, and the following rules must be constantly enforced in an effort to keep the game moving quickly.
    2. The 12-second rule for the pitcher must be enforced at all time during the game (without runners on base). A “Ball” will be called for a violation of this rule.
    3. The hitter shall be required to remain in the batter’s box unless she makes a request for “Time” and the umpire feels that the request is reasonable. Only then shall the umpire grant time out.
    4. The pitcher shall be allowed 5 warm-up pitches within one minute between innings (8 warm-up pitches for new pitcher) and the Home plate Umpire shall ensure that the pitches are thrown without undue delay. Teams shall be directed to have a catcher ready to warm up the pitcher as soon as an inning is completed.
    5. When a batter hits a home run, members of her team shall not be allowed to contact the hitter until she has passed the home plate. Failure to observe this rule will result in a warning to the team and if it occurs again, the Team Manager shall be rejected from the game.
    6. Coach shall be allowed three (3) free trips to the mound during the game to talk with the pitcher (a free trip is one in which the pitcher is not removed from the mound). These meetings shall be limited to 30 seconds from the moment the umpire calls “Time”. After the third free trip, each subsequent trip to the mound must result in the removal of the pitcher from the game. If the game goes into extra innings, trips not done during the game will not be accumulated and only one additional free trip shall be allowed for each three (3) extra innings.
      Two trips to the mound in the same inning to the same pitcher must result in the removal of the pitcher from the game.
    7. Teams are allowed a maximum of three (3) offensive meetings per game. An offensive meeting shall be charged any time a coach delays the game for any length of time to talk with an offensive player, whether it is the hitter, a base runner or an on-deck batter going to the plate, or to another coach. If the game goes to the extra innings, “offensive meetings" not done during the game will not be accumulated and only one additional “offensive meeting” shall be permitted for each three (3) extra innings.
      No offensive trip will be charged if the offense discusses strategy during a delay for which they are not responsible (e.g. trip to the mound, injury, player change, etc.) providing they cause no further delay.
      如教練與選手在其他比賽暫停時間(防守方教練上投手丘, 傷停, 選手更換)交談,並未延遲比賽,不會視為一次進攻暫停。
  6. Determination of First Round Group Order 預賽排名
    1. The ranking of the teams shall be determined according to the wins/loses record of all the games played. Win = 2 points; Draw = 1 point; Loss = 0 point.
    2. All ties shall be settled in the order of the following list. That is, if criteria (1) does not break the tie, then it is no longer considered the criteria capable of breaking the tie, and the next criteria (2) will be used. This logic continues through the list, in order, until the tie is broken:
      (1) The team that won the game(s) between the teams tied shall be given the higher position.
      (2) The team that has the best Team’s Quality Balance (TQB) in games between the teams tied.
      (3) The team that has the best Earned Runs Team’s Quality Balance (ER-TQB) in games between the teams tied.
      (4) Highest batting average in games between the teams tied.
      (5) A coin flip.
  7. Extra Inning Tie breaker Rules  延長賽突破僵局
    1. Due to the schedule design, all games in 2nd Round need to be finalized the winner, when meet the time limit and still remain tie, the next inning after time limit will adopt Extra Inning Tie Break Rule.
    2. At the Final Round, time limit will not be applied, when both team remain tie after 7th inning, Extra Inning Tie Break Rule will be applied.
    3. For any inning beginning with the 8th inning(or the next inning after time limit in 2nd Round), the Federation Team at bat shall begin the inning with runners on first and second base. The batter who leads off an inning shall continue to be the batter who would lead off the inning in the absence of this extra-innings rule. The runner on first base shall be the player (or a substitute for such player) in the batting order immediately preceding the batter who leads off the inning. The runner on second base shall be the player (or a substitute for such player) in the batting order immediately preceding the runner on first base.
  8. General
    In the case of any matters not specifically covered by these Regulations, the Tournament Director, the Technical Commission and the Organizing Committee shall have the absolute power to decide thereon and to jointly agree on any matters arising from the games.
    In the absence of mutual agreement, the final decision shall that by the Tournament Director.